Curriculum Vision

Our vision is simple but passionate.

“To inspire and challenge our students to excel in their curriculum pathway, make progress regardless of their starting point and become masters of their learning craft”


We will:

  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all of our students.
  • Ensure our curriculum meets all statutory requirements, including lessons on important issues (g. S.R.E -Sex and Relationships Education, Religious Education etc.)
  • Ensure our curriculum offers equal opportunities to all our students; including students with special educational additional needs and/or disability (see SEND policy and information report for more details), and students of all abilities; including stretch and challenge for our more-able student
  • Regularly review our curriculum and respond to recent developments and incorporate best practice.
  • Offer a curriculum that fosters student’s enthusiasm for learning and recognises progress and achievement.
    • Encourage students to continue their learning outside of conventional lesson time; through further independent research /study and high quality extra- curricular activities.
    • Ensure our curriculum supports our ‘diminishing the difference’ strategy for different groups of students.
    • Ensure our curriculum through its delivery promotes Fundamental British Values, Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural, Independent Careers Advice and Guidance and a Safeguarding culture.


How is the Curriculum organised?

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 students (Years 7 and 8) study for 50 hours over 2 weeks. This is comprised of 5 one hour lessons each day. The table below shows how many hours over 2 weeks are allocated in each subject area:


Subject Year 7 Year 8
English 8 8
Maths 8 8
Science 6 6
History 4 4
Geography 4 4
Religious Education 2 2
French 2 2
Design Technology 2 2
Computer Science 2 2
Physical Education 4 4
Art 2 2
Drama 2 2
Music 2 2
PSHE 2 2



Key Stage 4


Key Stage 4 students (Years 9, 10 and 11) study for 50 hours over 2 weeks. This consists of 5 one hour lessons each day. The key stage 4 curriculum is structured to reflect three key component; Core subjects, EBACC subjects and Open element subjects. The table below shows how many hours over 2 weeks are allocated in each subject area:


Subject Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
English 8 8 8
Maths 8 8 8
Science 8 9 9
Physical Education 2 2 2
PSHE 1 1 1


In addition to the subjects outlined above, our Key Stage 4 students also select 3 guided option subjects to study. They study each option subject for 4 hours a fortnight. The list of subjects students can select from can be seen below:


Art & Design Fine Art History B
Business and Enterprise ICT – Vocational Qualification
Certificate in IT User Skills Leisure and Tourism
Computer Science Media
Dance Music
Drama Product Design
Economics Psychology
Food Preparation & Nutrition Religious Education
French Sociology
Geography B Textiles
Health and Social Care BTEC Triple Science


*The course list may be revised as and when necessary.


Detailed curriculum information

For each subject area and year group information more details can be found in the Curriculum Maps and Faculty Statements on the school website or by requesting information from the subject leader. Please see the names of subject leaders below: