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Year 10’s in MFL are working through their feedback sheets. Perfect 👌🏻 learning environment 💥 Welldone @corecentralmfl @MrLWilkins should be proud for leading this year group. #COREexcellence


Proud 💕to have so many budding writers 🏆in our school. Excited 🥰to read what they write next 🤗#COREopportunity #COREexcellence

Our PE department has shared their extra curriculum timetable. Students please take advantage of these clubs as they help us to develop skills like 🏅commitment, 👍🏼effective communication and leadership🏆 #COREOopportunity #COREexcellence

Aston Manor Academy share the opportunities that our Year 11’s can avail next year. @AcademyYear #COREopportunity


Teacher of Maths, Central Academy, Birmingham https://t.co/2JZqRC01rS